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Over 19 years ago Aussiepay made a firm commitment to add value to business at every possible opportunity. To accomplish this, Aussiepay set four core values including:

We provide a secure and transparent service to our clients by taking ownership of the payroll function and proactively working to enhance efficiency and mitigate risks. We will become a trusted partner to our client rather than a mere resource or supplier.

Commitment to Service
We exceed client requirements in terms of procedures, timeframes, and service in order to become a seamless interface between their internal systems and our services outcomes. We work hard to understand the needs of clients in order to ensure the highest levels of service are maintained. We must remain flexible in our approach to ensure client needs continue to be met especially as they change from time to time.

We strive to develop leading edge technologies that enhance productivity both within Aussiepay and our client’s organisations. By leveraging off emerging technologies we add value to clients by streamlining and automating labour intensive tasks. Additionally, by being innovative in our thinking, we can interrogate client data to enhance productivity, ensure regulatory compliance and recognise potential efficiencies to the future.

We will deliver accurate outcomes at every level of the operating process. Ensuring accuracy of information adds value to clients by ensuring in-house timelines and deadlines are met and accurate forecasts can be made to the future. Integrity of data and reporting can only be achieved with a stringent control over accuracy. We are committed to developing procedures that ensure and validate the accuracy of information.

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